PLCbatch – a tool for PLC-based batch process control according to the S88.01 standard

Recipe control user interface Phase behaviour model


INEA d.o.o., Ljubljana




Simplifying batch process control system and relocating the execution of recipes from the personal computers platform to the considerably more reliable platform of programmable logic controllers.


  • Two-level recipes
  • General recipes based on unit classes
  • Concurrent execution of a number of recipes with automatic allocation of units
  • Support for concurrent (AND) and selection (OR) branches
  • Phase behaviour model based on a customizable extended state machine (the programmer is allowed to select a particular subset of the predefined states and superstates, in order do define his/her own model of phase behaviour)


  • Tabular representation of SFC diagrams, which rends possible the execution of two-level recipes on the programmable logic controller platform without a significant reduction of expressive power.
  • The concept of phase behaviour model based on an extended state machine with nested states, fine grained processing consisting of elementary sequences for entry, loop, exit and always actions of states and for actions of transitions, and the complex transitions between two durative states through a series of elementary sequences.


A simple yet powerful batch control tool for PLC platform was developed, which allows better management of batch process control systems development and higher reliability of the resulting control systems.


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