Cardio&Brain signals

Cardio&Brain signals Cardio&Brain signals Cardio&Brain signals


Lancaster University, Department of Phyiscs, UK,
Royal Lancaster Infirmary, UK,
Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo, Norway,
Institute of pathophysiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Neurology Clinic, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Department of Endocrinology, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia




Cardio&Brain signals makes possible noninvasive measurements and monitoring of various physiological functions


Cardio&Brain signals enables safe, efficient, simple signal conditioning and simultaneous acquisition and digitalization of physiological signals, e.g., ECG, brain activity (EEG), respiratory effort, dynamic blood pressure (plethysmoraph), skin conductivity and body temperature. The signal conditioning system is equiped with two general purpose inputs for connection of additional monitoring equipment. The acquired signals are sent via USB to standard PC equipped with purpose build software for data conditioning, analysis, monitoring and storage


Cardio&Brain signals is a purpose built instrument for detection and analysis of couplings between cardio-respiratory oscillations and brain waves in anaesthesia


The system is intended for in-depth research of the dynamics of the cardio-vascular system and brain activity. It can be used in many fields of medicine, especially for research on procedures for controlling the depth of anaesthesia