December 1, 2020

Dr. Janko Petrovčič received the national Puh Award for outstanding achievements

On December 1, 2020, the recipients of the highest national awards for scientific research and science development activities were presented in a documentary film Highlights of Slovenian Science in the light of the award winners of outstanding achievements in 2020.

The Puh Award for outstanding achievements was awarded to Dr. Janko Petrovčič from the Department of Systems and Control at Jozef Stefan Institute for the development of innovative electronic systems.

Dr. Janko Petrovčič and his coworkers have developed twelve unique diagnostic systems for quality control of electric motors, suction units and electric drives for bicycles. He developed original electronic modules and reliable manipulators for the devices. The Domel company has diagnosed several tens of millions of products with these devices. For the Danfoss Trata company, he has developed electronic units of intelligent actuators for the HD family of valves. These drives are the company’s bestseller. He has pioneered the development of various electronic assemblies for fuel cell systems. His professional motivation is the transfer of research achievements into practice and thus increasing the technological maturity of new ideas emerging in the field of control of technical processes.


The website with the presentation of the 2020 award winners on the following link...

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