July 12, 2013

Case Studies in Control (Editors: Prof. Dr. Stanko Strmčnik and Prof. Dr. Đani Juričić): a book from our Department at Springer

The book entitled Case Studies in Control - Putting Theory to Work has appeared in the Springer series "Advances in Industrial Control". The book editors, Prof. Dr. Stanko Strmčnik and Prof. Dr. Đani Juričić, raised the topic of advanced control based on a number of case studies presented by our Department members.

The book summarizes the long-standing efforts and knowledge of our Department in the field of research of advanced control methods and their transfer to the industrial practice. Case Studies in Control presents a framework to facilitate the use of advanced control concepts in real systems based on two decades of research and over 150 successful applications for industrial end-users from various backgrounds.

- A variety of case studies indicate how to apply advanced ideas from control theory to specific real problems
- Shows how can theory be shaped to comply with the realistic constraints
- Case studies demonstrating the emergence of theory triggered by realistic problems is hoped to challenge researchers to invest more effort in the related issues

More information about the book on the Springer web page (