December 10, 2014

The Danfoss Trata company was awarded Roll of Honour from the "Jozef Stefan" Institute for successful cooperation with our Department

At the end of the year 2014, the “Jozef Stefan" Institute granted Roll of Honour to companies and individuals, recognising successful transfer of scientific and technological achievements of the Institute and knowledge created at the Institute, to our societal and economic environment.

On the proposal of the Department of Systems and Control, the Roll of Honour was granted to Danfoss Trata company and individuals, General Director Mr. Aleksander Zalaznik, Head of Development Mr. Samo Krančan, and Director of R & D Mag. Miha Bobič.

The cooperation of the Danfoss Trata company and the Department of Systems and Control has been running for more than a decade. The vision of the Danfoss Trata is to become a top business and technology centre for the distribution and control of district heating and cooling. To achieve these ambitious goals, the company decided to increase investment in high-quality research and development. From 2006 onwards, our Department contributed to the development of hardware and software solutions for two series of valve drives. Incorporating a number of innovative solutions firstly applied in drive valves, the number of sales has increased from the initial 13,000 pieces in 2010 to 38,000 pieces in 2013, bringing financial impact of more than € 10 million. A further sales growth is expected in the coming years, reaching over 50,000 pieces in 2017.

Click to enlarge (Foto: Marjan Smrke)