Short description

Firmware is a microcontroller (Atmel ATMega8) program.

Download firmware

Version 0.91 (in hex format)

Version 0.93 (in hex format)

Content of E2PROM (V0.93) - you must program the content of E2PROM as well!

All the required files in ZIP format.


Don't forget to program the following fuse bits while programming the chip: BODEN=0, BODLEVEL=0 (in order to protect the chip against sudden change of E2PROM data - at lest it seems that it helps in protecting the content).

Changes from the previous version:

From V0.91 to V0.93: Some minor changes including changing of number of empty frames for detecting camera mode and manually fixing camera or camcorder mode (by simultaneously pressing buttons Wid and Tel).


Older versions:


Source code

Source program is written in CodeVisionAVR C Compiler for Atmel ATMega8 microcontroller.

Source code V0.91 (in C format).
Source code V0.93 (in C format)

LCD library (in lib format (right-click and choose "save link as", lcd_cust.h)

If you cannot download some files, please download all the files in ZIP format (see on the left).


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