The department’s roots are in the Institute’s electronics department, which was founded and advanced in the 50's of the last century by the late Professor France Bremšak. In 1986 an independent Department of Computer Automation and Control was formed. In 2003 the Department was renamed to Department of Systems and Control.

The activities of the Department of Systems and Control include analysis, control and optimization of various systems and processes. Several activities are performed within this frame:

  • research and development of new methods and algorithms for automatic control,
  • the development of procedures and software tools to support the design and building of control systems,
  • the development of special measuring and control modules,
  • the design of computer aided systems for control and supervision of devices, industrial and other processes.

The mission of the Department is to perform technologically oriented research, transfer the knowledge and results to practical applications and in this way contribute to the progress of Slovenia.

Transfer and knowledge exchange is especially intensive within entities that were co-founded and are now co-coordinated by the department. These entities are the Centre ARI - Development Centre for Industrial Automation, Robotics and Informatics and the Process Control Technology Network. These two entities also initiated the application for the Competence Centre for Advanced Control Technologies starting in 2011.