February 23, 2021

Our department associates discussing the challenges of the factories of the future and hydrogen technologies in the radio broadcasts

In the last week, two associates of the Department of Systems & Control, Dr. Janko Petrovčič and Assist. Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolanc participated in the RTV Slovenia radio broadcasts.

Dr. Janko Petrovčič received the national Puh Award for outstanding achievements in 2020. He was a guest of the educational radio broadcast Podobe znanja. He presented his vast experience and achievements in implementing advanced control and diagnostic systems in the industry. His recent work is devoted to intelligent solutions for the factories of the future and the research on hydrogen technology.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolanc was one of the guest speakers in the educational radio broadcast Intelekta. He presented the views on the technical and economic aspects of hydrogen and hydrogen technologies in the supply of energy and storage of surplus energy.

Record of the broadcasts on the RTV Slovenia webpage:

Podobe znanja, 19.2.2021, guest Dr. Janko Petrovčič,
Intelekta, 23.2.2021, guest Asst. Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolanc,