Research and Development topics

Vodenje in optimizacija zahtevnih (kompleksnih) procesov Detekcija in lokalizacija napak v tehničnih sistemih in procesih Računalniško podprto vodenje proizvodnje Podporna in implementacijska tehnologija za sisteme vodenja Razvoj naprav in izdelkov
Control and optimization of complex systems

Most systems and processes could be well controlled with relatively simple and well known control procedures. However, there is a range of processes which are more difficult to tackle because of their nonlinear dynamics, complex structure and interactions between subsystems, and stochastic behavior. The emphasis of our research is on modeling methods, on control and optimization based on process models, in particular Gaussian processes, on methods for model predictive, nonlinear and adaptive control, as well as on tuning of industrial controllers. The fields of application are industrial processes, control of machines and devices, and biological wastewater treatment plants.

Detection and localization of faults in technical systems and processes

Continuing quality control of devices, processes and products has become a necessity. For that purpose, the research field of fault detection and localization is being extensively developed and has a great potential for actual applications. Our research and development encompass the use of mathematical models for fault detection, the design of new algorithms that take into account the modeling error in decision making, and the application of advanced signal processing algorithms. The application areas are industrial processes and rotation engines.

Computer integrated production

Production in modern enterprises requires interconnection and coordination of control activities on different levels, i.e. on physical, production and business level. The integration of different levels is still a key problem. Our research is devoted to the methodology for decision support in the production process based on key performance indicators, to production scheduling and to non-technical (economic, social, organizational and human) aspects of control and IT systems introduction.

Support and implementation technologies for control systems

The prerequisite for successful control applications is also research and development of new and acquisition of existing technologies that enable efficient implementation of control systems. This mainly includes computer aided tools and building blocks. The emphasis of our work is on the development of specially designed computer modules, on the development of software building blocks, on the design of development environment for the application of more complex control algorithms, and on research of methods and tools for efficient development of software for industrial controllers.

Device and product development

The department has a long tradition and many references in the development of various systems and devices. This includes systems for control and supervision of processes that are used in industry, custom designed measuring systems that are used in research, and also high-technology products that are sold on the market. Also in future, this activity will deserve a great attention.