LANC remote controller for stereoscopic  camcorders/still cameras 



New shorter clip (fountain) has been added. See Clips.

Minor changes to Firmware, software and scheme of RS232 connection (kindly contributed by Vasily Ezhov). See Hardware, Software and Firmware. Some additional data about fuse bits is shown on this page as well (see below).

Added Gerber, drill hole files, etc. See Hardware.

Pcad files have been added. See Hardware.


3D LANC Master is a device which keeps in synchronisation some of Sony camcorders by using LANC (CONTROL-L, ACC) protocol.

The purpose

The purpose of this page is to reveal the results of the project of building LANC controller for camcorders and still cameras. Why? Simply to enable amateur stereo photographer or videographer to build this or similar device by herself/himself and to generate and share new ideas or solutions (HW & SW). The ultimate goal is to increase the number of people interested in stereoscopy.

Hardware schemes and layouts, firmware and software is free (under GPL licence).

Is it possible to buy 3DLM?

We cannot aford mass production of 3D LANC Master, and only can make few additional prototypes (ask for the info). 

Another option is to contact IN3D (they have already made several prototypes).

Raymond Wong from Hong Kong is planning to produce 3D Lanc Master as well.

Vasily Ezhov has mad a prototype of 3DLM. Here is his page in russian:

More information

Here is the paper about 3D LANC Master (the paper in pdf format - 4.2MB). 

Here is the preliminary manual V0.11 in pdf form (880kB). Note that this is not a user manual (it is in preparation).  

Some more information about LANC protocol for camcorders

How does LANC protocol work for still cameras? (the page will be re-written soon).

Supported camcorders

Here is the most recent list of camcorders which support frame-rate adjustment. If you have service manual for your camcorder (which is not listed here) on disposal, let me know in order to check if your camcorder is supported. Note that the firmware doesn't have to be modified in any way when new camcorder is added to the list. 

If your camcorder doesn't support modification of internal frequency, you can still use other 3D LANC Master's features (e.g. power-up pulse delay) by which you could substantially improve initial synchronisation of some still cameras/camcorders.

Known problems

Some locations in microcontroller's E2PROM can alter without any apparent reason (usually replacing the previous value with FF). This does not happen frequently, but is still annoying. I'll try to find the cause, but cannot promise anything (quite loaded with other projects). If anybody discovers the reason, let me know.

Raymond Wong from Hong Kong informed me that the mentioned problem can happen if reset line is released slightly ahead of the regulated 5V is settled. Possible solutions to this problem are stated here:

To make the story shorter, it seems that it may help if we program the following fuse bits while programming the chip: BODEN=0, BODLEVEL=0.

Another problem is forgetting to switch off 3DLM after using it or leave on re-charge switch. The batteries can become flat and will probably lose their nominal capacity and (probably) can be re-charged only by using external battery charger. 


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General public licence

Read General Public Licence (GPL).

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